From the city press 29-4-2020

Sport unites (not) 

 Serena and Venus Williams are the prime example of sporting rivalry within one family. A unique tennis duo, who are facing each other again today. But in their sister struggle, they are far from alone. Family members are also regularly opposed to each other on Dutch fields, mats and courts. With only one goal: to show who is the boss within their own bloodline. 

Elysa and Fayth Bakker also prove that rivalry already exists at a young age. The judo sisters of eleven and nine years old meet each other every weekend on the mat at the SDO association in Zeist. "The youngest has decided that she wants to go to the Olympic Games and really lives for the sport. But the oldest wants to show that she has more experience," says their father Ron Bakker. "The motto that it's just a game doesn't count." At home, the fierce sister struggle continues. "It must be summer again soon, then they can get back on the grass," says Ron. As a parent, he says he succeeds quite well in managing the sporting rivalry. "Judo is a great sport in that respect. You should have respect for each other and shake hands after the match. They also do that properly." 


Jan 28 2017 in THE INTERIOR telegraph